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Engine & Drivetrain


Classic Vespa owners wishing to change their ignition kit now have an increased choice available from VE (UK) with the addition of the SIP Vape ignition systems. Based around a high quality stator plate with precise timing markings for ease of fitting, the ignition kits deliver 110W from tickover providing improved lighting output when stationary as well as being able to power additional electrical components. 
  The included flywheel weighs 1.6kg and mounts to a CNC machined fan, and has been designed to improve throttle response, deliver improved cooling, and have a balanced rotational mass. Vape Sport kits have an RPM-linked variable ignition timing, while Vape Road kits have a static ignition point. Kits come complete with CDI, fan, stator plate, flywheel, back plate, rectifier (DC versions), regulator (AC versions), wiring, and hardware.
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