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In what will doubtlessly be seen as a contentious move, Feridax has launched an electric-powered scooter under its own Spada branding, despite it being currently illegal to ride one on the road, pavement or anywhere other than private land. The Kinetic Pro has a 350W motor (more powerful than the 250W permitted for electric bicycles) housed in a folding magnesium frame which helps keep weight down to 15.5kg. Control is via a thumb throttle, and an LCD display shows which of the three power modes is selected along with speed and battery status. Top speed is limited to 15mph. Pneumatic tyres, along with front and rear suspension, help to reduce the bumps while a rear disc provides braking when needed. The built-in 7.5Ah battery can be charged in around four hours using the supplied fast charger. Front and rear lights and reflectors are fitted.
Feridax is no doubt hoping for a swift decision on how the general roll out of scooters beyond the current trial phase will be implemented. Available in black only, SRP is £499.99.
Feridax; 01384 413841;