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Engine & Drivetrain


JT Sprockets has launched two new products; RB rubber-cushioned front sprockets and Z3 GS heavy-duty motorcycle chain.
Designed to dampen chain impact on the front sprocket, the dual-sided rubber cushion is a one-piece moulding which is bonded with impact and vibration resistant adhesives to the heat treated chromoly steel sprocket. JT says it now boast the most comprehensive aftermarket application line-up for rubber cushioned sprockets for Japanese motorcycles.
The Z3 GS super heavy duty chain is claimed to be the strongest ever produced by JT, and it features gold colour outer plates and nickel plated inner plates for improved corrosion resistance. It is suitable for machines of up to 1400cc in 520, 525 and 530 sizes.
Prices for the new bits vary according to the application.
JT Sprockets;