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Super Soco is claimed to be the best-selling and most widely-sold brand of electric mopeds and motorcycles in the UK. Through a growing network of 42 dealers, Super Soco bikes are said to “redefine urban mobility, while improving urban air quality”.

Super Soco motorcycles are engineered from the ground up to be lightweight, manoeuvrable and fun, easily cutting through city traffic. All current models can be ridden after CBT. The sporty-looking TS and British retro-inspired TC naked bikes were launched in 2018 and received “great feedback from the press and customers”. The CUx step-through and TCmax arrived in 2019. The TCmax was said to be the fastest-selling electric ever in the UK on its debut, and orders continue to roll in.

To come by the end of 2019 are the Ducati-branded CUx, following a collaboration with the famous Italian manufacturer. Also the TS X, a performance update of the TS.
Super Soco says “green has never been so good”.

For more information contact:
tel 0800 133 7304;