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A 50cc-equivalent electric motorcycle, the new Tsx can be ridden (in restricted form) by anyone over 16. It weighs just 70kg and is powered by a Bosch 1900W motor with a single battery providing a range of up to 40 miles, but there is room on the bike to fit a second battery, doubling the range to 80 miles. Charging the removable battery takes 3.5 hours, and top speed is limited to 28mph as per moped rules but it can be derestricted to achieve 45mph for suitably-licensed riders. Other features of the Tsx include a linked braking system, upside-down forks, aluminium wheels and an electronic dash. The Tsx comes in a choice of black, grey, orange or red at a retail price of £2999.

Super Soco; tel 0800 133 7304;