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Larsson UK have been appointed as an official distributor for Texa diagnostic tools. Texa is the number one manufacturer of diagnostic tools for the motorcycle aftermarket and service over 3500 models from all the major manufacturers.

Diagnostic tools are becoming an essential tool for the bike workshop, for tasks as simple as resetting a service light which would otherwise require a trip to a franchised dealer. The increasing use of ABS, traction control and more complex engine management systems means that if you haven't got a diagnostic tool yet, you will need one soon.

Larsson UK special offer - Axone-S handheld diagnostic tool.

- Handheld tool with user-friendly touch-screen
- View real-time data, read and clear fault codes
- Reset service lights, update fuel maps
- Includes storage case and 1-year software subscription

£1495+VAT including delivery (excludes cables).

Diagnostic Training

Do you have a Texa tool that you are not fully utilising? Larsson can help you get your software updated and supply cables for new models. To get the most out of your Texa diagnostic tools, training courses are also available.

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