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TEXA have developed the TXT MULTIHUB, an extremely versatile vehicle interface that easily adapts to maintenance activities making them quick and intuitive, in any situation.

It is a technologically advanced solution, rich in unique technical and constructive features, such as: the ability to operate in 5 environments, a built-in display, the IP53 certified rugged design, an intelligent connectivity guaranteed by the Linux operating  system, the management of CAN FD, DoIP, Pass-Thru protocols and much more.

A unique tool, for all the environments
TXT MULTIHUB is the only diagnostic tool capable of intervening on cars, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, boats, agricultural and construction vehicles. At all times it guarantees unparalleled performances so to complete operations the best way possible, with maximum customer satisfaction.

Great usability, thanks to the built-in display
TXT MULTIHUB is equipped with a practical backlit display that gives it great usability and the ability to view the information based on three types of messages:

  • communication mode with the display unit
  • charging voltage of the battery in the vehicle it is connected to
  • operating status that can be standard diagnosis, DoIP Wi-Fi, DoIP Ethernet, Pass-Thru.

Furthermore, it allows having constant control on the tool’s operation:  it reproduces more than 40 messages that provide technicians with all the information they need during diagnostic operations.

“No limits” connectivity a true MULTIHUB
The interface uses an advanced connectivity; it allows mechanics to work on any type of vehicle that enters the workshop with great flexibility and rapidity. The tool communicates with the display unit through:

  • a Wi-Fi module for the diagnostic operations that use standard CAN, CAN FD and DoIP
  • a network cable (Ethernet) reserved for DoIP operations (ISO 13400)
  • a Bluetooth module for conventional diagnoses
  • a USB socket for all types of diagnosis, including the Pass-Thru (SAE J2534-1 and SAE J2534-2).

Pass-Thru, direct access to the manufacturers’ data
TXT MULTIHUB, as already stated, is ready to operate in any configuration, even passing from a standard diagnosis to Pass-Thru in a completely automatic way.  It is compliant with the SAE J2534-1 and SAE J2534-2 regulations, therefore it can connect to a vehicle and provide direct access to maintenance and diagnostic data made available by the vehicle manufactures and essential, for example, to update the software in one or more control units.

CAN FD, for high-intensity data transmission
The CAN FD (Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate) protocol allows transferring information, even
large-sized, 5 times quicker. With TXT MULTIHUB even managing this communication standard is easy and intuitive.

Built-in DoIP, even wireless
TXT MULTIHUB allows easily performing the diagnosis on vehicles equipped with DoIP (Diagnostic over Internet Protocol) technology, even in Wi-Fi. This standard, developed to manage the massive presence of electronics in vehicles and the impressive mass of elaborated diagnostic data, requires using a connection based on the IP protocol.

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