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In a collaboration with French innovators In&motion, Italian clothing and accessories manufacturer Tucano Urbano has created Airscud, an autonomous airbag system. The system has been designed for everyday use, rather than optimised for track applications, and uses three accelerometers, three gyroscopes and GPS, all of which are used to detect whether the airbag needs to be activated. Once initialised, inflation of the airbag takes less than 60 milliseconds and leaves it protecting the chest, neck abdomen and spinal areas.
The waterproof and breathable Airscud vest is made from Taslan polyamide and can be worn over any outfit, or under a motorcycle jacket if preferred, but it also comes with zip-on sleeves with D3O protectors at the elbows and shoulders which turn it into a CE-certified jacket in its own right. Inside is a 3D mesh liner to aid ventilation, and a transparent window on the back allows easy operation and monitoring of the airbag control box. A number of algorithms are available to optimise the control box’s operation depending on where it is being used – Street mode for everyday riders; Adventure for off-road adventures and Track for fast-paced riding – which can be selected via the In&motion App.
Available in sizes from S-3XL, the Airscud vest has an SRP of £399 or £479 including the sleeves.

Tucano Urbano; 07799 626635;