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Unlimited Passion is a brand of the SABE Industry Group, which for over 40 years has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of technical products for upkeep, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection and hygiene.

Their latest product, THUNDERBOLT, is a all-in-one solution for degreasing, removing bugs, tar and tree sap, cleaning, polishing and protecting any surface. Having manufactured automotive cleaning wipes for decades, THUNDERBOLT has been developed to the highest standard taking full advantage of the latest innovations from SABE’s own dedicated R&D facility in France.

Since launching, THUNDERBOLT is already proving to be a huge success and has already converted customers to ‘raving fans’ who are posting and commenting on the amazing results they are getting.

Designed for use on any surface, the concept is simple. When cleaning, you first use the specially constructed wipe which is drenched in the THUNDERBOLT formula.  As dirt particles are wrapped and trapped in the body of the wipe it also lubricates the surface to prevent friction. The included microfibre cloth is then used to remove any contaminated formula and to buff the surface to an impeccable finish. Bodywork is flawlessly presented in seconds, metals are left gleaming in no time, and what’s more…The antistatic ‘nano-coating’ that is deposited by the product makes cleaning even easier next time as it repels dirt and water. Grease, tar and even melted rubber won’t stick to the same degree as before.

There are no constraints to when and where you use THUNDERBOLT, it’s waterless, and doesn’t need any other accessories or equipment to be used. THUNDERBOLT is the perfect track companion for degreasing and getting machines looking their best before, during and after sessions. THUNDERBOLT is a great solution for those who don’t have access to outside water, for those who ride as part of their job or like to tour because they can clean their machine (helmet and visor included) anywhere and anytime. For those who exhibit their bike or just like the satisfaction of getting that ‘showroom finish’ THUNDERBOLT is the obvious choice.

Stocking THUNDERBOLT at your outlet means you have a product that really brings value to your customers, a product that really creates excitement and interest, and more importantly, a product your customers can sample in store. When demonstrated or experienced in store, you can expect associated ‘word-of-mouth’ to generate sales and attract potential new customers who seek out the unique and powerful products from Unlimited Passion.


With great profit potential and a product that will bring your customers huge value, THUNDERBOLT is a product that serves large dealerships and smaller local business alike, whether it’s as it is sold, used in service bays, used by valeters or even used on showroom stock!

Unlimited Passion have planned to roll-out their other exciting and innovative products in stages to create a continued buzz for the duration of the season and to increase business in the low season too. You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity!!

Contact Unlimited Passion NOW and find out about the incredible launch offer for new stockists and the unique dealer support package.


Unlimited Passion
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