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Casual biking trousers are the hot ticket at the moment, and these three different styles of Aramid-lined jeans from VPR.303  fill that niche for distributer Motohart. All are fully CE-approved and therefore are classed as PPE for motorcycling.


The Cargo pants are made of reinforced cotton which claims to have improved abrasion resistance and tear strength compared to regular pairs. Smooth Ways CE level 2 flexible armour is fitted at the knees and hips and there is a connection zip for a jacket and ankle straps to stop them riding up. Available in black in waist sizes 30-42in in short, regular and long leg lengths for an SRP of £109.99.


The Spark jeans have a similar specification to the Cargo pants, but with a reinforced denim fabric instead of cotton. Available in blue in waist sizes 30-42in in regular length only for an SRP of £119.99.


The Flash jeans take things up a notch by using Cordura denim for the outer layer for even higher levels of abrasion resistance. They come in the same sizes as the Spark for an SRP of £149.99.
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