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Cleaners and Polishes


Xeramic has got a new range of cleaning products which score highly for effectiveness but low on the creative naming front. Doing exactly what it say on the tin is Xeramic Brake Cleaner, a biodegradable formula which keeps plastic and metal brake parts clean without damaging or corroding them. The similarly literally-named Carburettor Cleaner dissolves gums, carbon and varnish deposits in carbs and inlet manifolds, and then there is Contact Cleaner for degreasing electrical items and mechanical parts such as spark plugs and contact breakers. Last but not least is Total Cleaner, which basically is suitable for nearly everything left that hasn’t been cleaned by the other three products. It’s suitable for alloy, chrome, synthetic material, paint, plastic and rubber and leaves a nice shine when you’re finished. All come in 500ml aerosol cans except Total Cleaner, which comes in 750ml, 5-litre and 10-litre bottles.
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