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Lubricants & fluids


No one likes uncovering their bike from its winter hibernation for the first ride out of the year only to find that stale fuel means it either won’t start or it hesitates and splutters like an MP on Question Time. To counter this, Xeramic has developed two new fuel additives which it claims reduce oxidation, discolouration and corrosion in the fuel system.
Moto Fuel Stabiliser, which is said to keep the whole fuel system clean, comes in a 125ml bottle suitable for tanks of up to 25 litres for an SRP of £5.99.
Xeramic Fuel Stabiliser & Conditioner can also reduce the deterioration of fuel during storage periods, but it also can help to protect the injection system or carbs. It comes in a special 250ml dispensing bottle which is enough to treat up to 125 litres of fuel for £9.99.
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