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29/06/2018    Givi mudguard

Givi has launched a cantilever style mudguard/fender aimed at crossover and maxi scooter machines. Designed to stop a “rooster tail” of spray from hitting panniers or pillion passengers, the RM02 is...

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25/06/2018    Grom carrier

If you need to carry large load on a very small motorcycle then you’re in luck – VE(UK) has introduced a rear luggage rack for the Honda MSX125. The black powder coated rack allows the fitment of a...

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22/06/2018    BC Battery Controller distributor for UK & EIRE

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  KGB Motorcycle Distribution is the official BC Battery Controller distributor for UK & EIRE BC Battery Controller and KGB Motorcycle Distribution have reached an agreement...

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22/06/2018    Malossi K-Drive transmission

Following on from the K-Drive system introduced fit the Yamaha T-Max 530, Malossi has launched a version to fit Kymco’s AK-550 maxi scooter. The K-Drive system allows the gearing range to be altered...

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21/06/2018    Ventura Evo 22

A new mid-sized rear luggage pack has been launched to fit onto the Ventura EVO-Rack system. A pocket fastening system means the Evo 22 slides onto the rack before being fastened by a pair of quick...

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