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 ADVERTISING FEATURE  OEM licence plate holders are often expansive and ugly, so R&G is giving riders the opportunity to radically tidy up the rear end of their machines with brand new Tail...

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16/05/2018    Lock onto profit with Kovix

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  New Kovix security products KOVIX have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of intelligent security devices for or more than a decade and now they are available to UK...

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15/05/2018    SysBag luggage

A semi-rigid luggage system, SysBag allows the 10, 15 and 30 litre bags in its range to be used individually or in more than 20 different combinations. Each bag is made from Ballistic Nylon and can...

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10/05/2018    Givi bag

Having seemingly created a luggage device to fit onto every available nook, cranny or panel on a motorbike, Givi has managed to find one spot it missed – the handlebars. In an effort to correct this...

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03/05/2018    Supercharged accessories

Powerbronze has turned its attentions to the dramatic and powerful, but also very rare and expensive, Kawasaki H2-SX supercharged sports tourer. A new extra-tall double bubble Airflow screen helps...

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