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11/11/2020    Scorpion for Vespa GTS 300 HPE

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Scorpion has released a brand new half system to suit Vespa's GTS 300 HPE. Scorpion has designed a Serket Parallel half system for the new GTS 300 HPE scooter which offers...

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10/11/2020    Renntec for Enfield

UK accessories maker Renntec has launched some new parts for Royal Enfield’s best-selling Interceptor 650. The new luggage carrier is made of powder-coated steel and includes a pillion grab rail in...

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09/11/2020    R&G for little Kwacka

UK crash protection specialist R&G have launched a new range of accessories to fit Kawasaki’s ZX-25R baby sportsbike, despite the model not being available in the UK. Obviously aiming at teh...

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08/11/2020    Sur-ron Tail Tidy

A new addition to the list of accessories available for both the Sur-ron LBX and L1E road legal electric motorbikes is a tail tidy. It fits using the existing rear light and indicators to create a...

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06/11/2020    Malossi 172cc Cylinder kit

VE(UK) has now got what it says is the “biggest and best off the shelf for cylinder kit for Vespa T5 models from 1986-2000 The kit contains a 65mm bore aluminium cylinder with Nicasil plated lining...

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