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19/08/2013    Tiger Grip Nitrile Gloves

Lucas Oil Products (UK) has just added an everyday health and safety product to its range,  Tiger Grip Nitrile Gloves. They are designed for a longer lasting, stronger grip for fingertips and palms...

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19/08/2013    K-Tech 35DDS LITE

K-Tech has realeased a new budget version of its popular 35DDS rear shock.  Called the LITE, it is manufactured from the same materials and to the same standards as the PRO version but comes with...

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14/08/2013    Oxford Cool Dry Layers

This base-layer range comprises; long and short-sleeved tops, trousers, one-piece, balaclava and neck tube. These garments can be worn/sold year round as the material's breathable and fast-wicking...

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14/08/2013    Macna Dry Cool Vest, Nexx X40 helmet

Unlike other cooling vests, say Macna, which require submersing in water and remain wet during use, the Macna vest has a 500ml reservoir which is filled with tap water and will keep you cool and dry...

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14/08/2013    PM carbon parts for Vespas

Ideal for upgrading the look of a tired machine or as a direct replacement for a damaged part. Made from Aerospace quality 3K twill carbon-fibre yarn using steel moulds for accuracy, incorporating...

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