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16/01/2014    OptiMate 5 VoltMatic

OptiMate 5 identifies whether a battery is 6V or 12V and then runs a series of tests to see whether it requires desulphation or bulk charge. It then delivers charge in controlled pulses that...

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16/01/2014    REDANT cleaning range

From Datatool comes the REDANT range of motorcycle cleaning and care products designed to cut through road and trail grime, traffic film, insects, dirt deposits, sand, mud, oily grime and brake dust...

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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Motorcycle Trade Expo kicks off the new season this weekend and the weather looks set to be good.  Many dealers were unable to attend last year’s event because of the snowy...

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14/01/2014    BC professional battery controllers

Designed specifically with the workshop in mind, the BT02 and BC Pro 4 S controllers use the latest technology for the fast initialisation of new batteries and the recovery of used ones. The BT02 is...

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14/01/2014    Malossi VESPower ignition kits

The VESPower ignition kit range features a lightened flywheel manufactured from forged aluminium, 12v, 4-pole stator with battery charging capabilities, red plastic fan with secondary cooling fans...

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