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20/02/2013    MT GET SHARP

£74.99 SRP Helmet receives Sharp 5 Star Rating MT, the largest helmet manufacturer in Spain, heads into 2013 on a high note having recently received the accolade of a Sharp (Safety Helmet...

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20/02/2013    Polycarbonate headlamps

Dealers who service and supply parts for Classic Vespas and Lambretta GP’s will be interested to learn about the new range of specialised polycarbonate headlamps available from VE (UK).The new...

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20/02/2013    Continental ContiTrailAttack 2

With continuing growth in the On/Off-Road sector, Continental is very pleased to announce the launch of their new ContiTrailAttack 2; a tyre for bigger capacity dual-purpose machines. With new,...

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20/02/2013    Dealer Bikes website launch March 2013

Dealer Bikes Motorcycle Trade Auction Website is launching 29th March 2013; Dealer Bikes is an online trade only auction site exclusively for motorcycle dealers. We already have...

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29/01/2013    Buhel B6 bluetooth communication system

The Buhel D06 Bluetooth communication system uses a bone-conduction microphone which fits between the wearer’s helmet strap and neck. It picks up speech directly from the throat, allowing a clear...

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