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25/03/2020    Blitz bikes

A new brand of child-friendly machines, Blitz has started out with three battery-powered mini bikes and quads. The smallest in the range is the Mini balance bike. Powered by a 24V, 250W motor the...

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24/03/2020    Alchemy lamps

Aftermarket lamps come in a huge range of shapes and sizes - from barely-there slim fits to retro-style heavyweights. This set of CNC-machined integrated lamps fall into the latter camp. Each lamp...

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20/03/2020    Kappa KV38

Fancy a bit of Banksy on your bonce? OK, so it’s not been penned by the mysterious art provocateur and spraycan specialist, but the design of the Kappa KV38 Houston Spray has been heavily influenced...

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19/03/2020    Icon clothing

The Spring 2020 collection includes the new Hypersport 2 Prime two piece leather suit. The jacket is made from 1.1mm and 1.3mm TracSpec leather with textile inserts for flexibility. Elbow, shoulder...

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18/03/2020    Oxford Beast

Oxford Products has unleashed the Beast – a new lock and chain combination that the maker describes as “too big to fail”. Around the same size as a pint glass, the Beast lock has a 30mm locking pin...

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