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17/12/2021    Nano Rain Zeta

Tucano Urbano has a new super-compact rain jacket in its range. Ideal for stowing under the seat, the Nano Rain Zeta can be stored in the supplied pouch which also has a Velcro strap to connect it...

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17/12/2021    GB protection

The good folks at GBRacing have been busy creating new bolt-on protection products for BMW and Aprilia models. BMW’s S1000XR is treated to a set of high-impact composite material secondary covers to...

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16/12/2021    Oxford indicators

Sequential indicators have been all the rage on cars for a few years, and now Oxford Products has four new bike-friendly versions in different styles. The Nightrider, Nightglider and Nightstrider...

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15/12/2021    Meet the new 7

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Anti-Theft GPS Tracker. With thefts of motorcycles and scooters always a concern, anything that helps to restore stolen machinery to its rightful owner is to be welcomed. The...

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15/12/2021    Cardo launch Spirit and Freecom

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  The new Spirit and Spirit HD Bluetooth Intercoms from Cardo are compact waterproof units which mount on any helmet. Both allow communication between two suitably-equipped...

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