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14/01/2013    Shine on... and on and on

Mer’s Ultimate Car Polish is equally suitable for bringing out the best in motorcycle paintwork. The polish is said to offer value for money, as well as long life and durability; it removes grease...

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14/01/2013    Love those links

Love those links
Muc-Off Chain Doc is an easy-to-use chain cleaning system, which eliminates dirt, grit and grime, we are told. With the bike (or quad) on a stand, the jaws of the Chain Doc fit over the chain....

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14/01/2013    Sparky retro

Sparky retro
The Zepii V60 is an electric retro scooter aimed at "cool urbanites who want a stylish, efficient, low cost and green way to commute to work". It runs on a 60v, 1500W motor fed by 32Ah lead-acid...

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14/01/2013    The Eagles have landed

The Eagles have landed
Sinnis has added three new scooters to its 16-model range: the Eagle 50, Eagle 125 and the Matrix II 125. The Eagle 50 is aimed at the teenage market and has a two-stroke motor for which a tuning...

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14/01/2013    Just like that

Just like that
Kymco have released details of the new 50cc version of the LIKE scooter. Styled by Italian designer Massimo Zaniboni, the design is based on his interpretation of 50s and 60s scooters. There is blue...

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