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08/09/2021    Xeramic cleaners

Xeramic has got a new range of cleaning products which score highly for effectiveness but low on the creative naming front. Doing exactly what it say on the tin is Xeramic Brake Cleaner, a...

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07/09/2021    Rizoma for Vespa

Further additions have been made to Rizoma’s collection of styling accessories for the Vespa GTS300. We looked at the first elements in the range back in our March 2020 issue, but now there are four...

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06/09/2021    MV Agusta e-bikes

High-end Italian brand MV Agusta is throwing its hat into the ring with a new range of pedelecs. The range is aimed at “sophisticated” (ie well-off) urban riders and targets commuters rather than...

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03/09/2021    Malossi 210 and 221 kits

Malossi has Updated its popular 210 and 221 cylinder kits with a much-requested modification – a steel bolt-on exhaust stub. The new arrangement is similar to that used on the Malossi 178/187cc kits...

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02/09/2021    ByCity Belfast Jacket

The new ByCity Belfast is a waxed cotton jacket which has a design aimed at the urban user rather than the woodsman. It has a vented inner lining, plus a detachable sleeved thermal lining, making it...

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