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25/11/2021    Xeramic Cleaners

Xeramic has introduced a pair of air filter treatments for off-road bikes. Both are designed to be used on foam filters, with the Air Filter Cleaner claiming to remove sand and dirt particles, while...

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08/09/2021    Xeramic cleaners

Xeramic has got a new range of cleaning products which score highly for effectiveness but low on the creative naming front. Doing exactly what it say on the tin is Xeramic Brake Cleaner, a...

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26/08/2021    Punk Powder

Shouting its eco credentials loud and proud comes Muc-Off’s Punk Powder, a plastic-free environmentally-friendly bike cleaner. Suitable for on or off-road motorcycles as well as bicycles and...

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22/07/2021    Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner

The pink company goes green! Muc-Off, famous for its distinctively-hued cleaners and lubricants, has launched a biodegradable drivetrain cleaner designed to clean grime, mud and oil build-up from...

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28/05/2021    Muc-Off cleaning

A brace of new launches by Muc-Off to help clean and maintain motorbikes. First up are Deep Scrubber gloves. A tough silicon glove with moulded-in bristles covering the palm and fingers to make...

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