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23/05/2018    Rayven Air-tec jacket

One for the sultry summer months, the Air-tec is made from 600D polyester with large mesh panels to the front and rear. There is a waterproof and windproof liner so that the British summer can be...

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16/05/2018    The RST Blade 2

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE     The RST Blade 2 CE leather jacket and jean which has a top AAA CE rating and comes with a back protector fitted as standard.   As RSTs best-selling leather jacket/jean,...

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11/05/2018    PMJ Dakar jeans

PMJ has previously worked in fashion with Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss but the company now designs and makes protective motorcycle jeans at its Italian HQ. Its new Dakar jean is made from...

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08/05/2018    Sliders from Oxford

A new design of slider has been launched by Oxford Products. Made from a compound that promises excellent skim performance and feel. Recognising the target market, Oxford promotes these as “even if...

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01/05/2018    Segura retro gloves

The French fashion house has always made the most of its history with the styling of its garments, and its newest retro-styled gloves continue that fine tradition The Connor is made fully from goat...

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