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14/02/2022    Keis G701S glove

Most heated motorcycle gloves are long-cuffed affairs, but Keis’ new G701S are a short-cuff style glove design to fit under, rather than over, a jacket sleeve. Other than the shorter and more...

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11/02/2022    TUG baselayers

EVS-Sports, a California-based off-road protection specialist, has got a new range of TUG technical baselayer clothing. Aimed at all motocross and enduro riders, the compression-fit TUG range is...

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07/02/2022    Richa Rain Flare

A special highly-reflective Flare material developed by 3M is used to make Richa’s latest jacket light up day or night, making the wearer far more visible.Less ostentatious than the usual fluo...

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27/01/2022    Stylmartin Navajo Evo

A new Navajo Evo from Stylmartin, is an adventure-style touring boot designed to provide comfort over long distances and hours of riding. The leather for the uppers is treated to be water and oil...

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25/01/2022    Richa Toulon

Richa has added a new colour option to both the men’s and ladies’ versions of its Toulon 2 leather jacket. The new grey colour takes the total colour choices for the D3O armour equipped jacket up to...

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