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14/12/2021    Muc-Off Anti Odour Spray

You can Save the planet by reducing washing frequency, yet still smell nice,  thanks to Muc-Off’s new Anti Odour Spray. Silver ion technology in the spray takes the positive ions in the silver and...

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13/12/2021    Kymco DT X360

Taiwanese scooter manufacturer Kymco has released details of what it says is a new “adventure crossover” scooter. It’s not as rough and rugged as Honda’s knobbly tyre equipped X-ADV, but it is...

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09/12/2021    Venhill R1 hoses

The new management at Venhill has added Powerhose Plus braided brake line kits for the 2020-on Yamaha R1M to the firm’s range. The lines have a Teflon core, which delivers more efficient fluid flow...

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08/12/2021    Aprilia bubble screen

Aprilia’s new RS660 is the bike of the moment when it comes to race-style accessories. As well as GBRacing’s track-friendly protective covers (see page 46), Skidmarx has launched a tall bubble...

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07/12/2021    Dunlop RoadSmart IV

The latest update to Dunlop’s RoadSmart tyre takes it into new categories – nakeds, road-focused adventure bikes, crossovers – as well as its traditional home of sport touring. The RoadSmart IV...

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