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04/01/2021    Tower indicators

Puig has launched a new sequential turn signal (think Audi-esque indicators). It uses LED modules behind a clear lens and is arrow-shaped to give even clearer information to other vehicles.  It is...

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24/12/2020    Caberg Avalon

The avalon is a new full face addition to Caberg’s 2021 range. The Italian brand’s latest lid is a sports-inspired design with a polycarbonate shell that comes in two sizes. Features include a drop-...

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23/12/2020    Kappa K’Vector

A rigid case that can be fitted as a top-box or a side case, the K’Vector is made from fibreglass-reinforced polymer with a cover trim in aluminium-effect or black powder coat finishes. The case has...

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22/12/2020    Furygan Apalaches

Furygan’s adventure-style Apalaches jacket and pants has been updated with a new colour option of blue/pearl/red to add to the existing options. The outfit features a waterproof membrane and...

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21/12/2020    Spada Vermont

New for the 2021 season is the Spada Vermont. Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? Well, the makers say its’s a shacket!As well as being a portmanteau to make linguaphiles come out in a cold sweat, the...

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