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14/11/2018    JMP Bluetooth Battery Monitor 2.0

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Following the success of their first Bluetooth battery monitor, Larsson have developed version 2.0 which includes a host of new features and more advanced battery diagnostics...

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14/11/2018    Brace yourselves!

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Unlimited Passion have exceeded themselves and performed the unthinkable!  They have created a degreaser for chains that… ACTUALLY degreases. The days of diluting grease and...

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14/11/2018    A hatrick of premier brands

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Direct Distribution are delighted to announce the arrival of three new premier brands to their ever growing portfolio. NOW AVAILABLE! We have now added D.I.D. chain to our...

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12/11/2018    Spidi Metroglove

Bringing goatskin to the urban commuter market, the Spidi Metroglove is a CE-certified winter glove with a waterproof H2Out membrane and 100g thermal padding for warmth. The outer is made of Flex...

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09/11/2018    Tucano muffs for warm digits

When the weather is cold and the fingers feel like icicles, there’s nothing like a muff to keep them toasty. Tucano Urbano’s version is made of neoprene with thermal padding inside and has an...

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