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08/03/2018    Michelin mousses

Two new mousse inserts from the French tyre manufacturer extend its range for motocross and enduro use. The Bib Mousse M14 and M199 models are designed to be used exclusively with the firm’s Enduro...

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07/03/2018    Earn your stripes

The Segura Stripe is a CE-approved vintage-style buffalo leather jacket with, as you might have guessed, two stripes which wrap around the chest back and arms. There is a removable thermal liner and...

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06/03/2018    Furious helmets

A budget-priced helmet, the Furious has enough features to keep most off-road riders even-tempered. It features an SRS (Synthetic Reinforced Shell) polycarbonate shell which comes in three sizes and...

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05/03/2018    A brace of retro Richas

Two new retro leather jackets from Richa – the Detroit and the Hawker. The Detroit features “lived in” leather for those who want the worn look without having to go through the time and effort of...

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02/03/2018    Laser alignment tool

The new Rapid Laser alignment kit by Healtech Electronics allows quick and accurate checking of a variety of alignment issues. The kit can be used to check rear wheel alignment to ensure the axle is...

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