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16/07/2019    MT Blade 2

An update to MT’s best-selling model, the Blade 2SV is a lightweight full-face helmet. The thermoplastic shell is a new design which comes in two sizes with a quick release visor with a Pinlock Max...

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11/07/2019    Z1R Helmets

Not just a new helmet, but a whole new helmet brand, has been taken on by Parts Europe. The Z1R range consists of an adventure, a modular and a full-face road helmet; an open face helmet aimed at...

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20/06/2019    LS2 Valiant Nucleus

LS2’s flip-front Valiant model has been given a new glow-in-the-dark Nucleus graphic. The Valiant has a 180o swing-around chinbar and has been certified in both open and full-face modes. The shell...

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04/06/2019    Givi X.23

Billed as “Givi’s sportiest modular helmet” the X.23 is homologated in both open and closed configurations, so can be used on the road as a full-face or jet helmet. The shell is made of...

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22/05/2019    Viper RSV77 helmet

A new full-face helmet for budget-concious bikers, the RSV77 is both ECE22.05 and ACU Gold approved and features a retractable sun visor plus a replaceable anti-scratch visor which is Pinlock ready...

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