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22/02/2018    Icon Air Flite

An exclusive sneak peek at the new Air Flite at Expo revealed a helmet that ratchets up Icon’s exuberant style. Alongside distinctive graphics, the polycarbonate lid features a click-locked full-...

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14/02/2018    NEW HELMETS FOR 2018

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Huge choice of new designs from LS2 Helmets Designed in Barcelona and manufactured in the company's own factory, LS2 Helmets is offering more choice than ever in its 2018...

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14/02/2018    A brand new ICON helmet unveiled: The ICON AIRFLITE

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Founded in 2002, ICON was created to address the modern performance rider who claimed the streets as their preferred hunting grounds. All products are designed and developed in...

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 ADVERTISING FEATURE  The Nitro helmet range offers pioneering design features and premium products at affordable prices. The growth and constant evolution of the ranges and the 2018 advance...

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31/01/2018    HJC Aries

Hot-rod styling has gone to HJC’s head, with the new open-face Aries FG-70S sporting a classic flames paint job. The shell is a kevlar and fibreglass mix with a drop-down sun visor included. There’s...

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