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14/05/2018    Vespa Modernist

Part of Vespa’s 2018 Lifestyle Collection, the Modernist is a demi-jet helmet that will fit under most scooter seats. It is made in Italy, and is ECE-2205 approved with a flip-up visor. The interior...

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04/05/2018    Qwart helmet

Despite sounding like a vegan cheese, the Quart Phoenix helmet is in fact what claims to be the world’s first customisable helmet. The French-made lid comes in two versions – Std with a visor and...

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24/04/2018    LS2 Stream Evo

The Evo is, as you may have guessed from the name, an updated version of the Stream helmet. It features an HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology) shell which is said to be aerodynamically...

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23/04/2018    Black beauty

Another addition to the range of HJC superhero-themed helmets, the RPHA70 Black Panther is a homage to the latest Marvel Avengers character to grace the silver screen. The RPHA70 is a comfort-...

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18/04/2018    Airoh Rev Flip Up Helmet

The Airoh Rev Flip is a flip front helmet with dual homologation (so it can be used in the open or closed positions). It uses a thermoplastic shell with vents on the top and chin guard combined with...

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