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20/04/2021    Lexmoto LXR

Lexmoto has updated its best-selling sportsbike to Euro 5 spec. The new LXR has a revised 125cc liquid-cooled 12.5hp motor with a six speed gearbox which will take it to a maximum of just over 68mph...

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15/04/2021    Shednought

Shed Rides has released details of its forthcoming Shednought commuter/utility electric motorcycle. The 111kg road-legal machine combines a 5kW motor with a 52v, 4kWh battery pack making it good for...

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24/02/2021    CF Moto 300SR

The mid-market segment for motorcycles, especially sports models, seemed to have died a death during the 2010s but since the introduction of the A2 license there has been something of a resurgence...

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12/02/2021    Looking To Sell Your Dealership?

ADVERTISING FEATURE  The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many dealerships hard, and sadly a number of business owners have decided to shut their doors. Global Moto Limited are actively looking to...

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02/02/2021    WK SX125

The new SX 125 scooter from WK Bikes caters for learners on a budget and is the successor to the brand’s TTR 125. The SX 125 is a twist-and-go scooter with a fuel-injected four-stroke engine for the...

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