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02/07/2013    Auritech Biker Hearing Protectors

Auritech Biker Hearing Protectors contain precision-tuned, patented ceramic filters to help protect motorcyclists from dangerous levels of engine, wind and road noise. The unique frequency-selective...

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10/06/2013    SW-Motech Waterproof Line

All Waterproof Line products have had a design and function update which include strap management and retroreflective details.New models in waterproof TPU are the Triton Backpack (€99.95) and the...

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17/05/2013    Evans Powersports

Evans Powersports is a waterless engine coolant specially formulated for Motocross, Enduro and Quad Bikes. Powersports has a boiling point above 180 degrees C eliminating overheating, boil-over and...

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17/05/2013    Lucas Oil synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid

Lucas Oil Synthetic DOT 4 is polyethylene glycol ether-based. The DOT 4 standard is ideal for motorcycles because of the high dry and wet boiling points that reduce the potential for vaporisation...

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15/05/2013    New Renntec POS Available

In line with an ever expanding range of products, a new Renntec display stand is now available to dealers who wish to show case the Renntec portfolio to their customers. The stand can be erected as...

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