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11/10/2017    motorcycle display stands

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE    A constant problem facing dealers is the lack of shopfront space to display their bikes to potential buyers passing on the street. Now biker and engineer Robert Simmonite...

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27/09/2017    Massive stash

Oxford products has launched new holders for storing or transporting motorcycle gear. The £34.99 SRP Suitstash can hold, as its name suggests, a one or two-piece suit protecting it from damp and...

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13/09/2017    Franchise Opportunity

 ADVERTISING FEATURE   Motorcycle Warehouse Ltd have announced that they are looking for franchisees across the UK. Motorcycle Warehouse Ltd are a motorcycle brokerage company based in Newton Abbot...

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25/08/2017    AlcoSense

 TRIED AND TESTED  Enjoyed a night on the town with a few shandies and worried that your early morning ride-out might be affected? That’s where these new pocket-sized home breathalysers come in....

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07/08/2017    Beak backpack

Tucano Urbano has created a new biker's backpack with a hidden surprise. Aimed at urban commuters, the plain-Jane grey exterior reveals a colourful jungle scene on the lining when opened. Made from...

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