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10/11/2021    electric motorcycles by Torrot

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Urban Moto Distribution are pleased to announce good stocks of the championship winning Kids electric motorcycles by Torrot. Made in Spain they feature top shelf components,...

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02/11/2021    Spada Kinetic Pro

In what will doubtlessly be seen as a contentious move, Feridax has launched an electric-powered scooter under its own Spada branding, despite it being currently illegal to ride one on the road,...

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06/09/2021    MV Agusta e-bikes

High-end Italian brand MV Agusta is throwing its hat into the ring with a new range of pedelecs. The range is aimed at “sophisticated” (ie well-off) urban riders and targets commuters rather than...

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01/03/2021    KTM Factory Replica Stacyc

Two new electric powered balance bikes from KTM are aimed at youngsters making their first forays into the exciting world of PTWs. The smaller of the pair is the Stacyc 12eDrive. Sized for 3-5 year...

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Dualways has added a new, larger-framed, e-powered balance bike to its range. After launching its popular Amped A10 e-powered kids balance bike last year, Daulways has now expanded the range to...

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