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30/11/2021    Oxford Beast

The Beast floor lock is another new addition to Oxford Products’ biggest, strongest and heaviest range of motorcycle security products.Following on from the Sold Secure Diamond-rated 3.6kg Beast...

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29/07/2021    Oxford Quartz

Oxford Products has updated its Quartz motorcycle disc lock to make the latest XD version. The new model boasts an updated twin-spar construction and a anti-pick multi-disc keyhole. It comes in two...

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13/07/2021    Oxford Anchor 14

The Oxford Anchor 14 is a hardened steel ground anchor designed to be used with a wide variety of chains of up to 16mm. It is both Secured by Design and Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold approved, which...

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30/03/2021    Xena disc lock

The latest motorcycle disc lock from security firm Xena can be linked to a phone app for convenient control. The 768g XX15 connects to the iOS or Android app which allows the user to turn the alarm...

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04/03/2021    Beast Anchor

To match up with its 12kg Beast Chain and 3.6kg Beast Lock, Oxford Products has launched a compatible and suitably beefy Beast Anchor. Made of hardened steel, the 4kg twin-wall anchor comes with...

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