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13/11/2020    Mammoth Rogue locks

Some new budget disc locks from Mammoth have arrived in stock at Bike It International. The locks come in 6mm and 10mm versions with a hardened steel pin and an encased and hardened body. They come...

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22/09/2020    Oxford Screamer7

A disc lock with a hidden secret, the Screamer7 blasts out a 100dB alarm when disturbed. Standard locking features include a hardened 7mm locking pin, while the alarm is triggered by motion and...

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01/05/2020    Strike2 Chain

A new security product from distributor Motohart, the Strike2 is a hardened steel chain with 8mm links and an integrated lock. A protective sleeve and waterproof lockhead, along with a keyhole cover...

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18/03/2020    Oxford Beast

Oxford Products has unleashed the Beast – a new lock and chain combination that the maker describes as “too big to fail”. Around the same size as a pint glass, the Beast lock has a 30mm locking pin...

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18/02/2020    Blocking pouches

According to the boffins at Wunderlich the latest bikes with Keyless Go technology are at risk from drive-away theft facilitated by range extenders. Normally the key’s range is only a few metres,...

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