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15/08/2018    ULTIMATE a brand-new product from Unlimited Passion

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Their ‘snow foam in a can’ concept is wowing customers at shows and rallies. Its superior cleaning power, ease of use, and the incredible results are creating a stir. Made...

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19/07/2018    Injector removal kit

Stuck injectors can be the bane of a technician’s life, with a combination of combustion gases, fuel vapour and oil mist escaping past a damaged seal to form a tar-like substance which then hardens...

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09/07/2018    Unlimited Passion wipes

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Unlimited Passion is a brand of the SABE Industry Group, which for over 40 years has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of technical products for upkeep...

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09/07/2018    Expanded range of Motul products

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  MOTUL’s outstanding range of premium products will expand even further as new products are introduced to the UK marketplace. We have introduced the classic range (SAE 30, SAE...

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13/06/2018    Drive Your Motul Sales

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE   As well as protecting the complex internals of the motorcycle or scooter, MOTUL has an unrivalled range of products designed to care for and protect bike and riding...

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