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20/06/2013    Lucas Chain Lube

A reformulation of Lucas Oil's Chain Lube aerosol foam gives it improved overall performance. Applied as foam, it is simple to use and easy to  see, ensuing that every sprocket tooth or chain link...

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20/06/2013    ACTIV8 Range

Comprising Universal Friction Reducer, Chain Lube, Chain Cleaner and Eurocat, the range is designed to improve the efficiency and economy of motorcycle engines and transmissions. Universal Friction...

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12/06/2013    MOTUL 300V DOMINATES THE 2013 IOM TT

MOTUL 300V DOMINATES THE 2013 IOM TT SUPERBIKE & SUPERSTOCK CLASSES.More teams and riders than ever before have turned to Motul and the flagship 300V range to lubricate and clean there highly...

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24/05/2013    K-tech fork springs for Honda CR250/500

K-tech Suspension has produced optional-rate fork springs for Honda's 250 and 500cc motocross models from 1989 to 1991 (£85.01SRP). Three spring rates are available and K-tech is also able to supply...

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17/05/2013    Evans Powersports

Evans Powersports is a waterless engine coolant specially formulated for Motocross, Enduro and Quad Bikes. Powersports has a boiling point above 180 degrees C eliminating overheating, boil-over and...

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