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06/04/2018    Tru-Tension cleaners

From the makers of the as-seen-on-Dragon’s-Den ChainMonkey chain adjustment tool comes the PrimShine range of bike-specific cleaners. PrimeShine Brake Cleaner removes dirt, dust, carbon and oil from...

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14/03/2018    MOTUL Workshop Promotion

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  MOTUL’s extensive range of premium motorcycle products offer a great balance of performance and value for both retail and workshops environments. MOTUL 3100 10W40 in 208L...

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23/02/2018    WMB Pride

When it comes to unexpected brand extensions this one is right up there with Marmite’s chocolate bar, Harley Davidson’s cake decorating kit and Lamborghini’s foray into the world of high-end spirits...

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14/02/2018    protect your riding equipment with Motul

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  As well as protecting the complex internals of your motorcycle or scooter Motul has a range of products designed to care for and protect your riding equipment and chain as...

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06/02/2018    Liqui Moly Shooter

A new mini tube of engine treatment, the MOS2 Shooter is said by its makers to reduce friction and wear, and therefore improve oil and fuel consumption. It is also claimed to improve gearshifting,...

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