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13/09/2017    Skyrich Lithium Batteries

 ADVERTISING FEATURE   Extra 5% Discount in September OPEN UP NEW BATTERY SALES WITH SKYRICH Skyrich Batteries are Small, Lightweight & Powerful Lithium Ion Batteries designed for Motorcycles...

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01/09/2017    Screen for Gixxer

Skidmarx has launched a double-bubble screen for Suzuki's new flagship GSX-R1000. Developed for use at the TT, the race screen is made from 2mm-thick acrylic rather than the 3mm usually used for...

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31/08/2017    Givi's glow screen

A distinctive new technology from Italian maker Givi has given the humble windshield screen a revamp. The ICE screen uses a special polymer contraction which glows a bright "electric" blue when...

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30/08/2017    Lambretta bubbles

Lambretta owners can now enjoy the benefit of a bubble screen thanks to the new VE Actif models for LI, LI Special, SX and TV models. Measuring  410mm wide by 395mm tall, the scenes are made in one...

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16/08/2017    NEW YSS Steering dampers

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE    YSS is quickly establishing itself as the number one aftermarket suspension brand around the world. The shock absorber range includes road, off-road and scooter...

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