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12/06/2017    Dual-keyway lighter flywheel for Vespas

The new flywheel comes pre-modified with two keyways, one for the PK and one for the PX, and will fit with the standard Ducati six-pole ignitions on pre-2011 PKs and PXs. Electric start is not...

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02/06/2017    Pinasco cylinder kits for Vespa

Designed to complement its Master and Slave crankcases for the Vespa T5, Pinasco has released matching 162cc cylinder kits. These are manufactured from a Nikasil coated aluminium, with revised port...

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10/05/2017    Accossato Master Cylinders

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE      Full range of brake and clutch master cylinders for road and race use. The Accossato range includes forged and CNC machined master cylinders. Manufactured in Italy and...

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06/04/2017    Pinasco competition crank for Vespa T5

Designed to work with both the standard Vespa T5 crankcase and Pinasco’s Master and Slave crankcases, the new crank has a standard 52mm stroke length, with increased inlet timing and is suitable for...

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12/09/2016    New ProX Kits: the complete clutch replacement set

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Complete ProX clutch sets from Larsson includes steel or alloy friction plates and springs in one complete kit. ProX clutch friction and steel plates are manufactured by...

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