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12/05/2021    Meet the JMP FIX MOTO tyre changer from Larsson UK

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  If you fit bike or scooter tyres, why struggle working on the floor or risk damage to the wheel when for a low weekly cost you could have a JMP Fix Moto tyre changer in your...

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16/04/2021    Texa Multihub

Texa’s latest top-of-the-range diagnostic interface is the TXT Multihub. Suitable for use on all types of vehicle – motorcycles, scooters, quads, cars, boats, commercials, agricultural, etc – the...

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01/04/2021    The top-of-the-range vehicle interface by TEXA

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  TEXA have developed the TXT MULTIHUB, an extremely versatile vehicle interface that easily adapts to maintenance activities making them quick and intuitive, in any situation...

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 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Crash protection specialist R&G has just unveiled an all-new range of titanium sprocket nuts. Made from grade five 6AL-4V - 1068 MPA titanium, these sprocket nuts offer...

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14/01/2021    Muc-Off One-Shot

This Anti-viral One Shot Grenade is a single-use canister of compressed sanitiser. It can be used in vehicles (to sanitise the inside of a van, for example) or indoors in rooms (changing rooms,...

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