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01/11/2016    Draper sockets

Draper Tools has expanded its range of sockets with 18 new expert-quality socket sets in 1/4in, 3/8in and 1/2in metric and Multi-Drive (which can be used with hexagon, bi-hexagon and Draper TX-STAR...

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10/10/2016    Bel-Ray Racing Brake Fluid

Bel-Ray’s Racing Brake Fluid features a boiling points of 580° F (304° C) dry and 210 C (410 F) wet. This makes it suitable for applications where extreme heat and high-load braking are commonplace...

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15/08/2016    New ‘Micro Controlled Restriction’ Electronic restrictor kits

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Larsson UK supply Alpha Technik 35kW restrictor kits for a huge range of models. The new ‘MCR’ electronic range plug in line and limit the maximum throttle opening. This is a...

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12/08/2016    Absaar - The world’s slimmest portable jump starter / charger

The world’s slimmest portable jump starter / charger is available in the UK now. ABSAAR are renowned world-wide for producing best in class German engineered products for the automotive aftermarket...

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12/05/2016    SDoc100 Total Cleaner Plus

A claimed first in motorcycle care, SDoc100's Total Cleaner Plus motorcycle gel is now formulated to dry without leaving water stains. Designed to clean and protect with one application, the spray-...

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