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16/11/2015    Tuning Vespas The Norrie Kerr Way

VE (UK) has updated and revised its Vespa tuning manual, written by VE (UK) boss Norrie Kerr, one of the most recognised Vespa racers and tuners in the UK. Tuning Vespas The Norrie Kerr Way contains...

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11/11/2015    NEW JMP Front Fork Springs & Rear Shock Springs

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  JMP fork springs are now in stock for a wide range of off-road bikes. JMP fork springs are produced in Europe in conjunction with K-Tech Suspension. All fork springs are...

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09/11/2015    Ikon shocks for Guzzi V7

Two Ikon fitments are available for the Guzzi’s retro V7: the 7610 and 7614 series. Both are engineered to suit the Guzzi's specific set-up; the 7610 features twin-tube hydraulic damping while the...

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05/11/2015    Malossi T-Max 500 clutch plates

Malossi developed its clutch-plate set for the Yamaha T-Max 500 race series. The plates are asbestos free and resist slipping while offering efficient heat resistance and delivering progressive...

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14/10/2015    35KW Restrictor Kits – Fast delivery, available for most models

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  The UK’s leading brand of restrictor kit, available for thousands of models from Larsson UK. The UK’s leading brand of restrictor kits can be ordered online now. Most of the...

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