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05/04/2017    Cobrra Nemo 2 chain oiler

Consisting of a handlebar mounted reservoir/applicator, delivery hose and swingarm bracket, the Cobrra Nemo 2 is a chain oil delivery system controlled by the rider. The oil is pressure fed to the...

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04/04/2017    OptiMate 1+ Battery Optimiser

The key to the strength of the OptiMate 1+ is the unique OptiMate 24-7-365 maintenance programme. OptiMate’s “connect and forget/no more problems” claim has never been truer. The OptiMate...

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23/03/2017    Genius Battery Chargers

The G750 charger features a 0.75 amp charging current and is suitable for all lead-acid 6V and 12V batteries. Inbuilt safety features include protection against spark , reverse polarity, over-...

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22/02/2017    Draper Lithium Jump Starter/Chargers

New to the Draper Expert range are two compact lithium Jump Starter/Chargers, both delivering a charge for emergency jump-starting vehicles up to 2-litre diesel and 4.2-litre petrol (LJS120) and 6-...

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09/11/2016    Pinasco Vespa T5 Crancases

Pinasco has extended its range of Master rotary-induction and Slave reed-induction crankcases to include versions for the Vespa T5. The new crankcases have extra material around the transfer ports...

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