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11/03/2020    NEW PREMIER HYPER

 ADVERTISING FEATURE    Tel: 0117 971 9200    

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11/03/2020    Storming ahead

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  New LS2 FF800 Storm Helmet   NEW from the world’s fastest-growing helmet brand, the LS2 Storm offers the performance and features of helmets costing two or three times as...

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12/02/2020    Touring Line

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  New range of LS2 apparel   NEW from LS2, Touring Line is a collection of jackets, trousers and gloves, created with the same dedication to safety, quality and design, at an...

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12/02/2020    Keis G601 Heated Gloves rated as the best

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  In the latest product test the all-new Keis G601 Heated Touring Motorcycle Gloves received the ‘Recommended’ award for the best heated gloves of 2020, by Adventure Bike Rider...

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12/02/2020    MOTUL 300V

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Developed over decades, MOTUL 300V is a 100% synthetic racing lubricant that maximises performance using advanced ESTER Core® Technology that increases power output while...

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