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09/02/2022    Headlamp guards

Pyramid Plastics now has a new 3D printed headlight guard kit for the 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 and GT. Manufactured using the latest multi jet fusion technology, the easy-to-fit guards are installed...

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08/02/2022    Givi Easy-T

To cope with wintery conditions, Givi has added two new waterproof bags to its Easy-T range of soft luggage.The 30-litre EA114 and 40-litre EA115 bags are both made from strong and resilient...

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07/02/2022    Richa Rain Flare

A special highly-reflective Flare material developed by 3M is used to make Richa’s latest jacket light up day or night, making the wearer far more visible.Less ostentatious than the usual fluo...

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04/02/2022    Malossi 183 kit

Italian tuning firm Malossi has launched another kit to spice up scooter performance. The latest is aimed at more modern machinery – specifically the Vespa GTS125 iGet Euro 4 and its sibling Piaggio...

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04/02/2022    Kawasaki Versys 650

Following the adage of not messing with stuff that works, Kawasaki hasn’t changed much for the 2022 version of its mid-range Versys 650 adventure tourer. The upper cowl has been redesigned and...

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