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18/12/2020    Forged carbon bodywork

Skidmarx has launched a range of products made from what it claims is “pioneering” forged carbon composite material. Forged carbon uses a paste of chopped carbon fibres mixed with resin that can be...

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17/12/2020    Vacuum Filling Machine

If you regularly work on suspension, then the K-Tech suspension filling machine will come in handy. It’s a heavy duty versatile machine fitted with mechanical valves for reliability and it can be...

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16/12/2020    100% goggle

San Diego-based sports comapny 100% has updated its motorcycle goggle range with Generation 2 versions of its Racecraft, Accuri and Strata models. All three new designs have an improved vertical...

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15/12/2020    Diamondbrite Tar Away

Diamondbrite Tar Away is a professional strength spray-on reformulation of Diamondbrite’s Tar & Glue Remover which, as the name suggests, was designed to remove glue, adhesive residue, sealants...

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12/12/2020    Hevik Mustang

A vintage style leather jacket, the Mustang ticks all the boxes when it comes to retro touches. Made from buffalo leather with a “vintage” finish, the Mustang has practicality laced through it...

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