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29/12/2014    Cataclean One Shot Bike

Cataclean One Shot Bike
Cataclean is expanding into the bike market with a launch at Expo 2015 after rebranding its premium car-based products which help vehicles pass MoT tests by cutting emissions. However, the prime...

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18/12/2014    MIVV range lists Tiger 1050 Sport

MIVV range lists Tiger 1050 Sport
MIVV exhausts has now extended its range to include Triumph's Tiger 1050 Sport for which it has adapted its Oval, Speed Edge and Suono systems. These systems offer a weight saving of 3-4kg and a...

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18/12/2014    Shark Speed-R Fogarty replica

Shark Speed-R Fogarty replica
In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Carl Fogarty winning his first World Superbike Championship title, Shark has launched a limited edition replica helmet. The Speed-R Series2 has been...

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18/12/2014    Davida Wrap-Around visor

Davida Wrap-Around visor
Davida has launched three new styles of its full-length D4Vi9A wrap-around visors. Available in more than ten different finishes, including Clear, Blue, Yellow, Smoke and Chrome, all are made from...

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18/12/2014    Magura hydraulic clutch for Z1000SX

Magura hydraulic clutch for Z1000SX
Magura has developed an hydraulic clutch conversion kit for Kawasaki's popular Z1000SX sports tourer. The company claims that the operating force is 20 per cent lighter than the standard cable and...

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